Privacy Policy

-updated on February 22,2013-

RCCI Inc. ("we" "us") is commited to protexting the privacy of the users of the website ("Website").

Users should read this Privacy statement in parallel with our Terms of Use.

If you have questions regarding this statement, please contact us [email protected]

Legal Purchase Age

You must not provide us with any personal information if you are not of legal age to purchase alcohol in the jurisdiction in which you reside and (if different) in the jurisdiction in which you are accessing the site. We have taken reasonable measures to avoid collecting personal information from individuals under the legal age to purchase alcohol or marketing alcoholic beverages to anyone under the legal age to purchase alcohol. If we receive notice or believe that someone under the legal purchase age has provided us with personal information we will make every reasonable effort to remove such personal information from ouer files.

By entering this site you accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Please do not enter this site
if you are not legal drinking age in the country you reside.
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